Saturday, November 19, 2011

Can anyone suggest a good website to order flowers?

I want to send flowers to my friend for her birthday but she on the opposite side of the state from me so I wanted to know if anyone could advise me on a good reliable but inexpensive floral service.

Can anyone suggest a good website to order flowers?
I've done this many times. The FTD site is wonderful. They also have a toll free number. You can specify how much you want to spend. They have special arrangements for different occasions. You can buy a small or large - same arrangement different prices. VERY reasonable.
Reply:1-800-flowers has the best selection and they use a local florist to deliver the product. i've received numerous arrangements from my honey this way. they also have other gifts available. candy, gift cards, all kinds of goodies. and most importantly, you can search any price range!
Reply:The best way to send flowers to your friend is to call a florist in your hometown - tell them what you want to send, how much you want to pay and where to send them - they will take care of it for you from there, you don't have to search for a florist on the net (will probably cost you a whole lot more doing it that way) - I do it all the time! Tell your friend happy B'day for me!

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